Value Travel Management

This is all about success - about how to be the most successful corporate travel manager you can be. In this day and age of continued changes and evolution in the travel management space, there comes a time when it all boils down to one thing - what is the value you are bringing to the table. In this presentation you will leave with 15 topics that will allow you to create the best travel program you can. This is not rocket science - but rather those things that will resonate with your leadership so that you keep your job for a long time. Forget the flavor of the day out there - get back to basics and create a program based on value.

Travel 3.0: A Case Study

I guess Travel 1.0 was how we did things for 30 years. Then Travel 2.0 comes along and is supposedly a new way of doing things, even though no one does it that way anyway. Some of us call that marketing. Well, what about Travel 3.0? Learn from a duo that received rave reviews about their honestly, humor and style as they present their findings about how travel 2.0 may NOT work for you, but travel 3.0 will work even better. This is a real case study on what one company did to present their case against open booking, but more about creating a valuable program that works for just about every traveler.

Predictions for Corporate Travel

Predictions should be fun. Of course, you would like to have them accurate as well, but let’s face it, what happens in the future is really unknown. So in this alternative predictive presentation, Brad will not only look at some likely scenarios in corporate travel, he will look at some more playful and fun predictions for the future of corporate travel. Each of these presentations looks at the most recent news information in our industry and adjusts the presentation to meet the needs of the current state of travel.

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