2014 Historical Airfare Study

2014 Historical Airfare Study

Have you ever wondered, what happens to airfares for business travelers over time? We constantly hear about rising airfares in various markets - maybe we might even hear about decreasing airfares as well. But some of us here at Topaz were curious about trends in airfares specifically related to the corporate travel industry. We hope you find this visual white paper useful as you work to better manage this large spend in your company.

In this white paper you will:

  • Understand how average airfares have changed over time when compared to adjustments for inflation
  • Determine if class of service purchases have changed over the years for business travelers
  • Conclude if trends are the same or different for US purchases versus European purchases for business travelers.
  • See that trends that have changed over time with purchases of negotiated discounted tickets and nonrefundable tickets

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