2013 Airline Merger Study

2013 Airline Merger Study

This white paper is a look at the change in airfares over time between those airlines that have been impacted by a merger. Topaz wanted to find out if the theory and perception of travelers was true, that airfares rise in a post-merger environment.  As with most assumptions, they are not always true, and it really depends.  There are many routes where airfares did in fact rise – but harder to conclude it whether it is all about the effects of a merger.

In this white paper you will:

  • See what airfares did overall for business travelers during the past five years
  • See what happened in specific markets that were not monopoly markets before the merger, but were after
  • Determine what the corporate travel manager can do to alleviate rises in airfares
  • Evaluate other forces that may impact airfares, most importantly competition

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