Telecommunications Audit

Telecommunications Audit

Mobile Phones. Land Lines. PDA’s. Smart Phones. Your employees are increasingly mobile and connected. And they are all costing your company big money. So what do you do? You consolidate and negotiate to get the best rates you can for your company. On paper, you are saving your company lots of cash, but do you really know if the great rates you worked hard to negotiate are billed correctly?

That is where Topaz can help.

Since 1978 we have offered auditing services for corporations ensuring companies all over the world are getting the correct rates. Companies negotiated great contracts, but are they used and applied correctly? A telecommunications audit will first review your contracts so that we understand your agreements and what exactly you should be paying for. Then we review a sampling of your invoices to ensure what you were billed (and most likely what was already paid) matches with the contractual rates.

This ongoing assessment will ensure you are paying the right amount. Should errors be found within any review, this would trigger a more in depth review of invoices to uncover systematic problems so solutions can be implemented to prevent these errors moving forward. We will work with you to make sure that every effort is taken to recover overpayments from your suppliers.

An audit performed by Topaz will validate and verify that the rates you are getting are accurate and correct, and that there are no unusual charges. We review your invoices against both your policy and your negotiated rates to make sure what you are paying is valid. For more information about this true value add service, give us a call at 503.622.8966

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