Overnight Delivery Audit

Companies spend a lot of money on overnight delivery. Shipping in our global economy is big business for the shipping companies and a big expense. Every good procurement department consolidates what a company spends on this business requirement, negotiates lower rates, and talks about how much they saved. But have they saved all they could? Do they really know if the rates they negotiated are the same rates they have been charged?

A Topaz Audit will compare your negotiated rates with the rates you have been actually charged to validate that you are getting what you want. All the hard work and time spent on negotiating the rates are only as good as what is actually paid. It is now time to use Topaz, an independent third party with experience auditing since 1978, to check and validate so that you can know your rates are being applied – or in the chance we find mistakes you can recover money that is owed to you.

Our process starts with a review of your current contract to ensure we understand your agreement and your rate structure. We then review a sampling of invoices to ensure you are being charged your negotiated rates. If everything looks good month after month, you can rest assured that you are doing your job for the company. If not, let us help you uncover the extent of the problem so you can recover any money that is due to you, and you can fix the process to ensure it does not happen again.

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