Office Supplies Audit

All those little costs add up. A few pens here, a package of post-it notes, and a few ink cartridges can amount to a serious expense over the course of months. In fact, they can be so substantial that you have probably consolidated the amount you spend on these items so that you can negotiate better rates with a single source provider.

Then you forget about it.

The bills come in, and all your offices are probably just ordering and payments are happening, and there is no reconciliation between those negotiated rates and the actual rates you are being charged. This is where Topaz can help – and the results can uncover two scenarios:

  1. You are being charged too much – and you start a more extensive review to recover overpaid amounts due to your company; or
  2. You are being charged accurate amounts – and now you can sleep better knowing all the work you have done to obtain those rates are being used correctly.

Let us check things out. Ongoing audits by Topaz can help you confirm that in fact what you think you are paying aligns with the reality – and all that cash going out the door from your company is going out for the right products at the right rates.

We are standing by to help you be the best you be and to make sure your company is using world class best practices for shareholders and employees.

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