Meeting Planning Audit

Extravagant meetings happen all the time. We constantly read about the exciting ones in the news. Good and bad charges placed on the “master bill” happen all the time. Kickbacks to meeting planners happen all the time. Errors in billing by the hotels happen all the time.

So, are you vigilant and watching what your company is paying for?

Topaz can help you ensure what you are paying for is valid and we can ensure the rates you are paying are what you expect to pay. Putting our 30 years of experience from airfare and transient business travel auditing to work in the meeting planning space, we can assist you in making sure what you are paying for is accurate and valid. In addition, we will give you guidance to improve your internal processes and internal systems so the leakage from meeting costs is minimized.

The costs of meetings to companies are huge – some have estimated they rival your travel budgets - but the visibility to the amount that is spent is much less. Traditionally, meetings have been controlled by very few who leverage than spend for their personal benefits – additional hotel points, lavish hotel rooms, amenities placed on the master bills – and more – all paid blindly by companies all over the world.

A Topaz audit will validate and verify that the rates you are getting are accurate and correct, and that there are no unusual charges. We review your invoices against both your policy and your negotiated rates to make sure what you are paying for are accurate. For more information about this true value add service, give us a call at 503.622.8966

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