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In 1971, six years before Topaz opened its doors for business, David Bowie released a song titled "Changes".  I have to believe after you read that sentence the sound of David stuttering to get out "ch,ch,ch,ch, changes" resonated in your musical memory.  Every time I think of what our industry has gone through (and continues to go through today) that song rings in my head.  There are indeed many changes.

Today Topaz will be releasing a white paper that looks at airfares over the past 23 years. As you may know, many of our studies are completed because we question what is said in the market place or just wonder what has happened.  This paper is no different.  It takes a look back at airfares incurred specifically for business travel.  We wanted to see what airfares might look like if we standardize them by removing the effects of inflation; and are business travelers using less and less negotiated airfares?  Maybe class of service usage has changed over the years.

The paper can be found HERE.

We hope you enjoy this look back - and we hope you let us know if you have any other ideas you might like to see in future white papers!

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