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Is an audit by Topaz still relevant in today's corporate travel world? I believe it is based on the number of emails and phone calls we receive regarding our many services.

Human error and/or negligence by your TMC can be a cause for concern when booking trips for your corporate travelers. An airfare audit can uncover these mistakes and save you money, as well as highlighting the bigger picture in that maybe there is a specific TMC location that needs additional educating? Let's catch those mistakes now so you don't continue to lose money in the future.

In addition, while many corporations have ways to control their travel costs - including online booking tools, an implemented travel policy, working with a travel management company, etc. - there are still those seasoned travelers who venture out into the realm of travel sites to book their business travel. Who can blame them if they are finding lower airfares than they receive booking through their company's travel guidelines? The key word in this scenario is 'if' and that is why I believe conducting an internet comparison is a good thing. By comparing your booked itineraries with various travel websites that you select, this study can either put any rumors to rest regarding finding lower fares on the internet and let you feel confident in your current travel environment, or it can assist you in re-evaluating your corporate travel program and investigating if any changes need to be made.

Lastly, don't be fooled into thinking your online booking tool (OBT) is 100% accurate. We always recommend including these PNRs in an audit and/or internet study as many times we find fares either not loaded correctly and/or just plain mistakes being made by the OBT; and we separate the results so you can compare how your OBT is performing against your TMC agents.

If any of these sound somewhat familiar to you, give us a call and we can create a solution together that will leave you at ease with your travel program.

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