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    On behalf of the entire team at Topaz, I would like to extend warm wishes for a very happy new year!  As we begin the new year, all of us at Topaz have been working hard to develop content and information that will be valuable to each of our clients during 2011.  We will be releasing some new information regarding airfares, as well as some of our standby information.  Our website is close to being re-launched, so look for that in the coming weeks.  I will be out on the road doing various speaking engagements to our industry and as always, you can find us once again this summer at NBTA in Denver, Colorado!  Our phone lines, and email lines are always open, so if you have something you need help with, need a suggestion or you need a speaker, please do not hesitate to contact us!

     Every time January rolls around, there is a sense of optimism and hope that it will be a brighter and better year than the one just past.  I was encouraged to read an article in Business Week yesterday where Goldman Sachs lifted its 2011 forecast for the US economy to 3.4% from 2.0%.  I know that many of our customers and readers are not from the United States, but I can hope that this means good things for everyone's economy!  Of course, many in our industry continue to watch the American Airlines distribution strategy unfold, and are wondering where it will all end.  And finally, as fuel prices rise yet again, what does that mean for a fragile airline industry?  The challenges and changes continue in our industry, but that is why many of us have been around for so long!

     I am hopeful that more and more of our clients will realize the benefits they obtain from Topaz.  We aim everyday to provide excellent service, and to deliver the results demanded by you.  We do not advertise; we rely on word of mouth, so every time you mention our name, we would like to extend a heartfelt thanks.  It is appreciated.

 Thanks again for everything and here's to a prosperous 2011!


Bradley J Seitz

President and CEO


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