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As many of you prepare to have your annual meetings with your Travel Management Company (TMC) to review 2013 and set goals for 2014, consider bringing the idea of an audit up for discussion. If your TMC has been providing you with excellent service as you would expect, then they should welcome an audit as much as you would like to have us conduct one for you. A Topaz audit will provide you with third-party results that are unbiased and complete your corporate travel program model. In addition, our audit report package includes benchmarking data specific to your top city pairs; this can be very useful when negotiating air contracts. If your TMC is confident of their ability to always offer the lowest logical airfare for you, then they should welcome an audit by Topaz as another way to show you that they are worth the transaction fees you are paying them - in other words showing value.

I like to compare a Topaz audit to an IRS audit. If you are contacted by the IRS (and many of us have been) that they will be auditing your tax returns, and you have done nothing wrong, you take the audit in stride as you know the results will show you are honest and capable of determining your tax refunds/payments.  On the other hand, if you know you have been dishonest in any way, you start to panic as you know there is a very good chance your actions have caught up with you!

Let Topaz provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that your TMC is either providing the service you expect at a great value OR that you don't have the partnership that you thought you did. Either way, it's a good topic of discussion for your annual review.

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