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2014 is actually here - hard to believe but alas true. While we are entering into a new year, we tend to hear of the same challenges that corporate travel departments are struggling with year after year. One of the main issues that cause our clients to contact us is still the 'we can find lower fares on the internet' claim by their travelers. Our internet comparison is a very popular service that we provide and consists of a side by side comparison of the GDS fares found by your Travel Management Company (TMC) with specific internet site(s) that you select. In many cases, when this type of project is conducted and the same exact itineraries are used for comparison purposes, the lowest fare is not always found on the internet as claimed by your travelers. In addition, you can quiet this noise by sharing compelling data found by an unbiased, third-party in Topaz.

Another challenge continually faced by our clients relates to the trust - or mistrust - between the TMC and corporate travelers. Our airfare audit will check to ensure your TMC is actually booking the lowest logical fare(s) for your travelers on an ongoing basis, and if we do find a lower fare available in the market then we will push that information back to the TMC so that they can take advantage of any savings we find.   This type of audit can either put the trust back into the relationship or substantiate a low service level and need for re-evaluation on the part of the company and its relationship with their TMC.  

If either of these services sound like something we could assist you with in 2014, please feel free to contact me at 503.828.0986 or I look forward to hearing from you!

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