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I have had a recurring idea this year.  This idea just keeps coming back to me as I listen to all the new buzzwords and ideas about corporate travel.  In the end I realized it all boils down to this - I think every client and supplier in the corporate travel industry should create value.  Value should be the new buzzword.

But we constantly lose sight of this -  we think about little things that do not add value.  And when you do not have a travel program with value, you have no travel program.  Then your travel program encourages behaviors that do not support your company.  Yep, even those rogue travelers (or whatever you want to call them) that are not doing what is best for your corporation and best for your shareholders.  You might not even obtain discounts that suppliers are willing to provide because you do not give value to them.   And in the end value is a three point system - you must measure value to the travelers, to your corporation and to your suppliers.  Do that and you have a winning world class program.

Of course, we can help create value - and we would love to talk to you about that.  But in addition, we will be talking about value in our company blog - over the next few weeks and months we will discuss value for your corporation and how you can better create value for your travel program.  So look for our posts here and start creating value in your program!

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