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You understand that at times, budget constraints, unreasonable leadership and many other factors result in the inability to purchase things that will help your program.  You might want to conduct an audit or internet comparison - or any number of other services that will ultimately make your program better - but you currently don't have the financial resources to do it.  We understand.  So we try to help you out by providing things that may help your program, or may even help you get that service you want approved by your leadership. Here are some things available at no cost to you today:

Case Studies:  We have case studies on our website that provide an actual look at what our clients have experienced by using four of our services.  They can help you better define what value can be obtained from Topaz services so that you can make your program better.  The case studies can be found here.

White Papers:  There are some interesting readings on our website about Southwest Airlines and Merger Effects.  Usually these start with a question I think about - and I wonder if I can prove or disprove such a question.  Is Southwest really cheaper and what happens to airfares after a merger?  I also wanted to write a story about the life as a new travel manager.  Knowing our industry is a little unusual at times, I wrote a fictional story about Travel Management 101.  The white papers can be found here.

Coming Soon:  I have two writings in the works; one is a look at airfares in European Markets for Low Cost Carriers by comparing what airfares look like in the EU market and comparing them on a level playing field.  The other is a white paper on adding value to your travel program. This is meant as a how to guide to fight the temptation to move to open bookings if one has more value over the other.  

What is NOT Coming Soon:  We get asked quite often about generalized studies about comparisons between internet websites and corporate travel bookings.  We used to publish these for free - but no more.  We realized that in fact the comparisons were not really valid across the board and to have a fair study (and we are all about fair) each study needed to be completed on an individual basis with individual results. 

Additional Stuff:  I usually end my email correspondence and live conversations with people with something like "if you ever need anything, just let us know".  This is more than just if you want an audit in the future.  I encourage all our customers to ask us "anything".  We may have something - we may not - or we may ask some of our friends we have worked with for the past 35 years to assist.  But that question is all about creating lifelong connections that help us both out for many years to come.

And in the end we love to hear from you - if you have ideas or suggestions, please drop us a line!  Who knows, we may just use your idea in the future to give out more "Free Stuff".

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