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We receive many inquiries regarding the availability of generic reports pertaining to internet studies.  Most of the time, folks just want a broad statement about how Travel Management Companies stack up to the internet.  While we can appreciate the basis of where this is coming from, let us explain why this is impossible to provide.

Each time a company hires us to perform an internet audit, we take into consideration their travel policy, whether we are comparing domestic or international PNRs, and if we are comparing PNRs booked online and/or offline.  In addition, each client is free to select any and all specific internet sites they would like us to use for comparison purposes during the audit.  We pride ourselves not only in providing a high level of customer service but also the ability to customize your internet audit as you like.   We have no hidden agendas.  We just want to be fair and honest and do our best to give you a comparison that works for you.

 As you can see, the level of variances in conducting an internet study is quite high and inhibits us from being able to provide clients and potential clients with broad statements regarding the results of our internet studies.  For example, Client A might have us compare just domestic PNRs booked in Argentina for the months of April and May on the carrier site(s).  Client B might have us compare PNRs booked in France for Intra-Europe and International travel against the website Opodo.  Each internet study is specific for that client and, therefore, provides that company with valuable information relating to their travelers and travel performance.

We would be happy to talk with you about how we can conduct an internet study for your company- give us a call!

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