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I have been thinking about this topic for a while - only because I dabble in social media, enough to understand it and get me in trouble. But I thought for this week's email, I would share some thoughts on some email platforms - and recommendations on how you can use them:

  • Facebook - I see limited use for Facebook for corporate travel. This is all about friends. Now you may have some friends in the industry - but I see limited use of this for work.

  • LinkedIn - I like this for networking and creating a circle for business. I do not like it for hard selling. But make friends, tell me what you do, and I am happy to be linked to you for future opportunities. In addition, I love to ask industry questions on this platform and get perspectives I have not gotten in the past. I wish I could be connected to everyone in corporate travel - and imagine if you are looking for a job - what a great platform!

  • Twitter - This may be one of the most underused applications that would drive value to your travelers. This is because if you can create a twitter account and drive information to your travelers who follow you via a text message - this is powerful! You can communicate a host of information - and most importantly drive emergency messages as needed. Imagine if your company required all those with a company paid phone to not only follow you and your tweets - but had mobile notifications. Just do not over tweet - that can get on one's nerve quickly.

  • Blogs - And articles are how you keep up in the world - but the flow of information can be daunting. So find out what you like to read - and stay on top of those posts and articles. This will advance your career. Bookmark them or create a RSS feed.


Am I missing anything? Let us know! We might include it in a future email.

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