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Many times we are asked what the Return on Investment (ROI) would be when companies are considering conducting a Topaz audit.  While we are hesitant to just throw out a number - because it varies with each company and TMC - it might help if we can explain our thoughts on this important matter.

We believe that our ROI is the ability to know how your TMC is performing...whether that result is excellent or poor or somewhere in between.  If your TMC achieves an excellent score at the conclusion of the audit, then you have the peace of mind that they are worth the transaction fees that you are currently paying them and you are receiving a good value.  If your TMC scores low during the audit, then your ROI would be that you need to reevaluate your relationship with your current TMC and either send out an RFP and make a change or implement a process improvement plan to effectively understand and change their behavior. Lastly, if your TMC comes out somewhere in the middle then this would provide you with the data to sit down with your TMC, review the results of the audit and create a plan moving forward so that you feel good about the value they are providing and they are able to increase their accuracy rate and keep you as their client.

Lastly, we believe that hiring Topaz to perform an audit of your TMC will be money well spent by you and your company and is much less than what you would be paying in higher airfares.  We all know that airfares are constantly moving up the scale - don't you want to make sure you are getting the lowest fares possible for each of your travelers?  Call us today and let us help you in determining the value of your TMC - it will be money well spent!  

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