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Years ago (many years) there was a problem airlines had to solve; how to sell their tickets to consumers.  What resulted was the travel agency. They became the face of airlines and they helped the airlines get their product to the public.

But the prices paid were standardized back then as well. Remember those days? So what did we do? We did away with that fixed pricing and let open market conditions drive competition.

Next, the internet came along and we had a whole new way of doing business.  The headlines those days: "Now taking over the world, the Internet Travel Agency!"

But what has happened in the world of corporate travel?  The rise of corporate procurement caused heartache all over the corporate travel industry.

In the end, procurement and travel management started to understand each other and got along pretty well.  At least in most companies.  The result today consists of many merged positions that really take the knowledge and benefits from both roles of responsibility.  There is the knowledge base that so many corporate travel managers possess in realizing that travel is not like any other purchase by companies, and the procurement knowledge of purchasing and negotiating contracts.  Merge these two areas and you have the travel departments that encompass companies worldwide.

At Topaz, we try to simply understand your problems or issues - and then see if we have a solution for you.  In the end it really does not matter what your title is - Travel Manager, Director of Procurement, etc. - rather it boils down to how your travel program performs for your company and your travelers.  We've been providing services for corporate travel departments for over 35 years, so we like to think we know what we are doing and how to help you.  Give us a call sometime - we would love to talk to you about your program!

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