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  1. Uncover lost savings: Topaz has a proven record of delivering audit results that show where airfares, expenses, and other facets of your travel program are losing money for your company. A Topaz audit is an integral part of your comprehensive travel program that ensures your travelers are always traveling on the best airfares based on your travel policy.
  2. The true measure of your travel agency performance: A Topaz audit of the performance of your travel management company verifies they are delivering on the contractual requirements of obtaining the lowest available airfare within your company's travel policy. Our assessment will guarantee that someone is monitoring and ensuring the highest performance that you expect from your TMC.
  3. Topaz provides the support you need when selling your travel program to senior level management or employees: Whenever you can state that your travel program is audited by an independent third party to ensure performance of your travel program, you have a strong advocate in your pocket. The results of a Topaz audit will assist you when you are questioned on the value and success of your travel program.
  4. Internet Audits: Quiet the noise: With a Topaz internet audit you can compare the rates obtained from your travel program with airfares and other expenditures found on the internet. The results can be used to dispel the complaints from travelers or be used to improve the overall performance of your travel program. It provides a snapshot into the performance of your program when compared to the outside world.
  5. Travel Policy + Negotiated Rates = Cash for your company: It is important to know that the two most important parts of your travel program are your corporate policy and your negotiated rates. A Topaz audit will ensure that you are using the negotiated rates when applicable as well as the lowest fare, all within the context of your travel policy. It does not pay to offer rates that are not supported by your company policy.
  6. Complete Independence: Topaz is an independent company owned by employees and reporting to no one. We have no ties with any travel management companies, GDS companies or consulting companies. We regard our independence as a core principal of our company since its inception over thirty years ago.
  7. Centuries of Experience: The combination of the length that Topaz has been in business plus the collective experience of our auditors in the field of business travel add up to centuries of experience for our customers. We apply this experience each and every day to ensure our customers receive the best service at all times.
  8. Audits that are flexible and customizable: We have a framework that we use to ensure accuracy and fair results, but we know that our customers have unique situations that require us to be flexible. We always try to fit those needs into our audit as long as the integrity of the audit is not compromised.
  9. Continuous Quality Improvement: By adhering to the theory that the race of quality improvement has no finish line, we are always looking to improve our audit process for our customers. We offer recurrent training to our auditors and are constantly learning how to find the lowest fares by using the latest combination of technology and human ingenuity.
  10. Unparalleled Customer Service: By working with each and every customer on a personal level, we attempt to deliver the highest customer service we can. If we make a mistake, we take ownership of it, and do what we can to correct it. We understand that our customers are what have allowed us to remain in business, so we aim to serve them in the highest possible manner.
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