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And while monthly audits is always a good idea (and better than nothing), a better idea is to audit your TMC every month, every quarter or maybe even once every six months - and to do it on an annual basis. If we hear our clients correctly, they are striving for consistency from their TMC in offering the best possible airfares for their travelers; not just once a year or once every other year but throughout the year. In addition, by auditing your TMC on a continual basis, you are really helping them by letting them know you always expect the best from them as business partners. We are sure many of you agree - we can always do our best when we know what is expected of us.

We work with global clients who have locations in so many countries that it's not always financially feasible to conduct an audit in every country at the same time. In these instances, we suggest a 'rolling audit' in which we audit a few countries at a time....then moving on to the next group of countries. This enables you to audit your TMC throughout your entire travel program, yet keeps it within your financial boundaries. Our clients who have had us perform this type of audit each year are very pleased that they are able to capture the results of an
audit in every country in which they have travelers, yet can spread the cost of the audit over a longer period of time.

Lastly, you might want to consider what we fondly call our blind audit. When conducting a blind audit, we keep the lines of communication open between ourselves and your TMC, however we only audit when you want us to; your TMC never knows when we are looking at your travel reservations. A blind audit provides a true picture of how your TMC is performing because your expectation of them always performing their best (and not just when Topaz is on the scene) is measured. The blind audit eliminates the abilities of a TMC to throw additional manpower or additional processes to the normal work process; it is blind measure of their performance.
When deciding on a Topaz audit, remember what your reasons are for doing the audit in the first place....are you wanting to ensure your TMC is doing a good job once every few years or are you really wanting to ensure your TMC is consistently providing your travelers with the lowest airfares possible every year?

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