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Rather, as we reach the end of 2012, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support, trust and confidence that you place in us each and every day. We work hard to ensure we deliver the highest service to everyone, and strive to make your travel program better in some manner. I remember fondly a quote from David Kearns, the former CEO of Xerox Corporation, when he said "Quality is a race with no finish line". That philosophy has guided Topaz for many years, and now as we enter our 35th year of providing services to the business travel community, it continues to lead us down the path of making things better for everyone. Even those who are initially reluctant to do an audit eventually acknowledge the value of the work we do at Topaz!

As we enter 2013, we hope to add new products and services that will enhance our service portfolio, as well as assist travel and purchasing managers to make their programs better and their positions in the company indispensable! Many of these ideas are already being discussed internally and while we cannot share them now, we look forward to the time when we are ready to share them with you. They are all based on our core values of quality, independence and value; we hear from customers over and over again about those values and so we consider them our key guiding principles. We continue to extend our reach across the globe as well, as we have completed projects for clients in over 84 countries!

So as this year winds down, and on behalf of the entire team at Topaz, we would like to say thanks once again. My team and I are available through December to discuss any audit project you may have or any other projects where we could help you find someone to assist you. So give us a call! We are always glad to help out.

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