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While your travel policy is the foundation of your travel program - it determines which vendors you use and how to drive the maximum savings to your company - it must always be up-to-date and comprehensive to ensure you are doing the best you can.

In an effort to keep updated, sometimes you just need someone else to take a look at what you are doing. The benefits of having an independent third party like Topaz evaluate your travel policy not only includes the possibility that you have a great policy but that maybe there is something you are missing. You may need some outside support to drive senior management to make the changes that will create a better travel program. For example, your employees' travel patterns have changed and the percentage of international travel has doubled in the last year; yet you still allow business travel for all employees on international flights. With this increase in demand, along with the increase in costs for business class travel, should this be updated and possibly changed to control costs?

We can review your current travel guidelines and recommend travel policy changes that would be cost effective to your overall program and likely provide your company with immediate savings. In addition, we provide benchmarks where applicable so you have references for the opportunities that may exist. As we wind down 2012 and get ready to travel in 2013, make sure your travel policy reflects the current travel environment of your company. If you are interested in a third party evaluation, please contact us to discuss your requirements and see how we might be able to help. The possibilities are endless!

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