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Leveraging our auditing expertise in travel, we are announcing to you, our customers, the following new products:

a)  Telecommunication Audit - You have thousands of mobile phones and land lines and other charges for communications, do you know if what you contracted to pay for those services is actually being charged correctly?

b)  Office Supplies - Imagine all the pens, paper and ink that your company is using and buying - you know because you contracted for great rates - but is that what you are really paying?

c)  Overnight Delivery - Paying for all that overnight delivery to run your company effectively does not mean you are paying the right amounts - do you need someone to verify so you really know?

d)  Freight - Containers, truckloads, boatloads of your products are going all over the world - but are you really paying the right amount?

In addition, we know there are still some opportunities in corporate travel for services our clients may need to make their travel programs world class:

a)  Meeting Planning Audit - You are home after that big meeting, and you have this massive bill facing you for payment - have you reviewed it to ensure all those hard negotiations actually made it to the invoice correctly?

b)  Traveler Airfare Verification - Have you had enough of the emails from your travelers saying "I can get a lower airfare!"?  Talk to us about this program where you forward the email to us and we check it out!

During the next few weeks we will be launching detailed descriptions of each of these services on our website - and will of course always be available to discuss your specific needs and problems to determine if any of our solutions will assist you in making your travel and procurement operations better.  

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