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Over the past few years we continually hear over and over "why did Topaz  stop sharing statistics comparing traditional TMC's to online travel providers?".   Many assume we either just got tired of it, or maybe we were even being spiteful. But those are not the reasons.

You see there really are many reasons we haven't released any statistics since 2008. First and foremost is that when we complete a study, it is specific to a client's situation. Taking averages and publicizing them is not reflective of a client's situation, nor is it reflective of a TMC's performance. It is a unique assessment of your TMC in relation to what airfares can be purchased in the public marketplace.

All of the internet studies we conduct are customized based on our clients' needs, the booking websites chosen by the client and the method of searching mutually agreed upon.   Each of these details is confidential and only known to us and the client.

So hopefully you can understand now why we no longer make public the results of these studies, and furthermore why the general averages released in the past are not really valid to you or your program. We hope if you want to measure the performance of your program against what can be found on the internet that you will consider using us. We are here to help and give you the independent services necessary to make your travel program the best it can be.

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