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Travel Industry Predictions for 2012

by Topaz President & CEO, Brad Seitz

I love this time of year. It is the new beginning for many of us. I personally look back at the
previous year for about five minutes then it is all about the future. What is
going to happen next year? We hope that growth and prosperity will rule the
airwaves and the nations of the world. But there will be a few additional things
that will happen in our industry. This is a little long for an email, so the
complete list of 15 predictions for 2012 can be seen on my blog at


This is what I think:

1.American Airlines and US Airways will merge: American Airlines will come out of
bankruptcy and will start talking to US Airways about merging. Before the end of
the year they will combine forces and take on Delta and United. Then the fun
begins. Or is that pain?

2.Strikes will threaten the airlines: Last year at GBTA there were pilots
outside of the convention center sharing publicly with all of us their lack of
contracts and desire for more compensation. It made me think that as the
airlines get bigger, the power of the unions and employees gets bigger, and the
threat of work stoppage and massive headaches will be present.

3.No more PJ's on airplanes: The dress codes for airlines will start - and the more
and more frequent sightings of pajamas on airlines will stop. Sir/Madam, you
have been denied boarding because your pants should only be worn in your

4.Tony D'Astolfo will rise again: The surprise (at least to me)
departure of Tony from Rearden is not the ending of the wit, smile, perspective
and intelligence of Tony from our industry. He will rise again. He is in fact
the Honey Badger of the travel industry.

5.Lowest Logical Airfares will rise again: There has been a lot of press lately about the fact that travelers are dropping the concept of lowest logical airfares and in fact focused on other things - what I say is bull - corporations care about doing effective business at the lowest cost - and that is what travel managers will be focused on providing.


To see the whole list, please visit my blog.


Best wishes to everyone for a successful and prosperous 2012!




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