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"It takes our agency too long to document
 what you ask for and it completely disrupts
 their operations."

Topaz completed a study
on the average time it takes an agent to
document what we ask for and the average
time per reservation was only 25 seconds.

 "We don't have employee complaints about
our TMC or online tool, so they must be
doing their job."

Just because employees are happy with your TMC or online tool doesn't
mean they are being offered the lowest fares.
We don't just recommend auditing because
you are having a specific problem or complaint
with your travel program. We recommend
auditing your agency as a responsible business practice to ensure
accurate and ongoing performance measurement.

"We have a good relationship with our
agency and telling them we are auditing
them will make them mad."

Your agency should not have a problem with a company
verifying they are doing their job. Would you
not review your employees work because it
would upset them? In fact, if your agency is
doing their job they should welcome an audit
with open arms and be excited for you to
receive the results. If an agency does receive
a low score they should be happy to have
mistakes brought to their attention to improve for the future.

"Our agency scored a 97% six months ago,
so why would we audit again anytime soon?"

Just like you continually evaluate your employees
and services whether they are doing well or not,
you should always be evaluating your agency
to make sure they are performing at their best.
As we all know, the travel industry can change
tremendously in 6 months.


"If our agency sends you more records than
we agreed upon we can't afford to pay for them."


We have no problem allowing you to set
a maximum number of PNR's for us to audit.
We will stop auditing at that point even if extra
records are sent to us by your agency.


"We use online tools."

 We audit those too, and just like a traditional travel agent, tools are
not perfect.


"We have locations all over the world."

 We audit locations all over the world, and have
experience auditing in over 70 countries.

"We think our agency will use extra agents
during the audit and focus on our account
so we won't get a true picture of how they
perform when they are not being audited."

We offer blind audits, which is an option that
allows us to audit without the agency knowing.

"We can't afford to audit 100% of our

We recommend doing a statistical sampling.


"Audit is not real time."
 Topaz asks for allrecords to be sent to us right after booking.
We have a 2-hour turnaround time on domestic
PNR's. International/global PNR's have a
24-hour turnaround time. This is the fastestin the industry.

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