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Over the course of one year Topaz will assess your entire travel program. This new Topaz solution offers our clients the opportunity to perform an airfare audit while also evaluating the performance of all areas of their travel program. Throughout the 12 month audit we will go beyond evaluating your airfares against the GDS, also comparing your fares to internet sites, evaluating your hotel rates, and reviewing your travel policy. At the conclusion of each month we will send you a report about the performance of that aspect of your  travel program.   

Are you ready to assess and improve the performance of your entire travel program in one year?  


January: Hotel/Car Rate Load Audit

February: Internet Audit

March: Airfare Audit

April: Preferred Hotel Rate Audit

May: Airfare Audit

June: Internet Audit

July: Airfare Audit

August: Policy Review

September: Preferred Hotel Rate Audit

October: Airfare Audit

November: Internet Audit

December: Airline Agreement Load Verification

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