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If you're currently receiving Topaz benchmarking data or benchmarking data from another source and have not evaluated your agency's performance through a Topaz Performance Measurement Solution we invite you to thoroughly review your agencies performance on a daily basis with a Topaz airfare audit. 


While benchmarking data is a great tool to see where your company may stand within the industry, it does not help save you money on travel or help improve the mistakes your agency may be making. What if according to industry benchmarking data you were performing well, but you could be saving $20,000 a year by simply measuring the performance of your agency as they are booking your employees travel?


Our airfare audit allows agencies to queue reservations to us immediately after booking and allows domestic reservations to be reviewed within 2 hours and international reservations within 24 hours. We will look for a lower fare within the GDS' of your choice and/or internet sites of your choice. If a lower fare is found we will queue the record back to your agency and they will have the ability to re-book the lowest fare. Your travel policy is taken into account throughout this whole process.


At Topaz we recommend you not only be reviewing benchmarking data regularly but also participating in the only performance measurement tool which can give you access to your agencies errors and the opportunity to fix them immediately.We can help your agency learn how to perform at a higher level and help them save YOU money.


What if you had something this exact to present to your employees claiming they can find lower fares on the internet? What if you had something this in depth to present to your boss? There is nothing more legitimate then this process when it comes to evaluating the performance of your agency and figuring out if your travel spend is where it should be. Over half of the Fortune 500 companies rely on Topaz to evaluate their agency's performance...why shouldn't you?


If you're interested in seeing what Topaz Performance Measurement Solutions can do for your company please watch our videos or e-mail me at

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