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Once I decide I want to audit, how long until the audit can begin?

On average, most audits have a set up time of 4-6 weeks. This time frame can vary based upon how soon the corporation and travel management company fill out questionnaires, return questionnaires and how quickly implementation calls can be scheduled. The Topaz team will work with you to get this process done as quickly as possible and is willing to work with any time zone.

How long should we audit?
It is recommended to audit continuously. Though your audit may be inspired by a specific event, auditing your corporate travel is a responsible business practice and something that should be continued on an ongoing basis to varify the performance of your agency or booking tool.

Can you work with our travel agency outside of the US?
Yes. Topaz works with agencies all over the world.

What is the cost of a typical audit?
Cost of our audits are dependent upon how many PNR's you would like to audit, how long you'd like to audit for, and the type of PNR's. (Domestic, international, global) If you can provide this information to us we can write you a detailed proposal with information about the audit process and a breakdown of pricing within 24 hours.


What do you mean by type of PNR's?

We classify our PNR's into three categories:

  • Domestic: Travel booked by agencies within the U.S. or Canada for travel within the U.S. or Canada.  (Domestic travel for agencies in the US and Canada
  • International: Travel outside the geographical region in which the agency is located. (International travel regardless of agency location.)
  • Global: Travel booked by agencies outside the US and Canada for travel within the geographical region in which the agency is located.  (Domestic and Intra Regional travel for agencies not in the US or Canada.)


What are your operating hours?

Monday to Friday 5am to 4pm Pacific time.  However if requested we may be able to alter our auditing hours.


What is the audit turn-around time?

  • US/Canadian domestic PNRs have a 2 hour turn-around time
  • International/Global PNRs have a 24 hour turn-around time


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