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  You know you need to evaluate your company's travel program but are not sure where to begin. We're here to help.

  Consider the following situations to discover which Topaz Performance Measurement Solution may be best for you.


You're concerned your Travel Management Company may not be booking the lowest airfares possible and you may be over spending=

Topaz Airfare audit 

 Travelers are telling you they are finding better fares on the internet then what they receive from your Travel Management company=

Topaz Internet Study

 You have no idea if your hotel rates and car rental rates are being loaded into the GDS correctly or if the hotel and car rental preferred rates you negotiated all year are actually being utilized=

Topaz Hotel or Car Rental Rate Load/Preferred Property Audit 

 You're concerned your travelers expense reports are inaccurate and need to be reviewed for purchases out of policy=

Topaz Expense Report Validation 

 You are wondering what the financial impact would be to your corporation if you were to change your travel policy and you want to determine this based on real travel and not estimates =

Topaz Potential Savings Analysis 

 Your Travel Program is ready for a complete review and revamp=

Topaz Travel Program Audit 


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