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   During your audit with Topaz you will receive monthly reports which outline what is happening throughout the audit. These reports will help you look at where problems may be occuring and will assist you and your agency in correcting errors for the future, making your travel program more successful. Our goal is to give you as many details as possible so you can benchmark your travel program. Please take a look below at what our monthly audit reports include. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


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Audit Summary Report

This report is provided for each individual agency location. The number of passenger name records (PNRs) received, audited and the agency accuracy rate are provided. The final outcome of errors (if the Topaz suggestions were accepted, refused, no response, cancelled, changed or ticketed prior to audit) is reported. In addition, Topaz reports the total dollar value of the records audited and the average cost per ticket during the audit period.


Audit Detail Report

If the agency has errors, an Audit Detail Report will follow the Audit Summary Report. This report is designed to provide specific information on which to base travel management decisions, both by the agency and the corporation. Errors are sorted based on the outcome (accepted, refused, no response, cancelled, changed or ticketed).


Agency Errors Pie Chart

This pie chart illustrates the type of errors made by the agent each month, and is frequently used for internal training and evaluation by agencies. The Topaz National Data Base pie chart is also provided, so that you can compare your agency's performance to the Topaz national averages.


Ticket Profile Pie Chart

This pie chart shows the types of fares booked (by segment) for the audit period. In addition, the Topaz National Data Base pie chart is provided for comparison purposes.


Benchmark Reports

This series of reports provides a summary of the company's airfare costs compared to the national averages for identical city pair routings and fare categories.


Report 1 summarizes your audited airfare data by fare category.

Report 2 summarizes your audited airfare data by airline.

Report 3 compares your top city pairs by fare category.

Report 4 compares your top city pairs by airline and fare category.



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