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I was on a call recently when a client said "I want to audit my TMC without them knowing about it". Always a great way to start a call - I always have the same response which is in the form of a question: "Tell me, why do you feel that way?"

The answers to this are varied and always enjoyable.

But it comes down to this: Your travel agent is acting as an agent to those items they are selling. So as an agent, they have the right to disclose or not disclose what they are doing. Like it or not, those are the rules of the game.

So when we do an audit, we speak about the audits we have been doing for forty years - or we can talk about a blind or transparent audit, one in which the travel agency knows we are auditing, but they do not know when we are auditing.

The end result of this is pretty good, in my humble opinion. The agency knows we are looking - so they can make permanent changes to the process that are more regular and normal. This maintains a positive relationship - and one in the end that should yield improvements to your relationship with your TMC, as well it should yield process improvements that are ongoing.

Once the audit happens, errors can then be evaluated to continually improve the process - as the former CEO of Xerox David Kearns once said, "quality is a race with no finish line". So just keep thinking better and better - and make changes that are permanent and lasting.

So if we can help, and you are interested in a blind or transparent audit (we can explain the differences) just hit reply and we will be in touch!

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