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The world of corporate travel is simple.....yet not so much. I mean, you negotiate a few contracts and put in place a service provider to make reservations and send those travelers on their way. Simple.

Yet, travel behind the magical Wizard of Oz curtain is in fact a complex series of variables that drive differences in price and delivery of services for those travelers. Book your hotel reservation through some channels and you are effectively guaranteed the smallest room, near the elevators and the ice machine. Not the best result.

Or book your air reservation via another suspect channel and you will get a seat right next to the toilets. Yummy. Heck soon you may not even get a seat, but a handle to hold on to in the standing room only section of the plane.

But more important to corporations are the challenges of a fragmented distribution channel. This is our environment. A world where pricing options are in all kinds of channels, whether internet or third parties. So you need comparisons of your bookings with these alternative channels to just validate that things are going ok. Or if they are not going ok, you find and correct the root cause of the issues.

It is the responsibility of each and every travel buyer in the world to check and validate the performance of their program. It is no longer good enough to think things are always working well - because rest assured, if you do not check, your travelers will, and if that traveler is your CEO or CFO, you do not look very good.

So, look good, and talk to us today.

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