Topaz News

1. Is unyielding self-promotion a sign of quality or simply a sign of unyielding self-promotion?

2. The suspension of the Boeing 737 Max 8 and the loss of 346 lives is a tragedy that should uncover faults and result in improvements to air travel for the foreseeable future.

3. Upon my sale of Topaz to Cornerstone I have taken it upon myself to write a book. It shall be a lot like this, but about life.

4. Do a Google Search for "Business Travel News" and the guess what comes up first? TripActions. Algorithms gone wild.

5. Why are so many more hotel rooms being planned? Seems that it might be a pricing opportunity for corporate travel buyers.

6. Stop using the term low fare and use the term right fare. Low will probably not work, but you do want the right fare.

7. I apologize for the use of foolish to describe many in my email last week. I offended some and never intended that outcome.

8. I stand and applaud the company that can create and run a conference, expect their customers to pay to attend, and drive a message of superiority and awesomeness for their product. Marketing brilliance.

9. It has been a quiet first quarter - acquisitions, some changes to the airlines, but not much else to show for it. Will it pick up or just meander along?

10. Where in the world is Bruce Finch?

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