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I can hear it now from my friends Todd, Tony and Bob. Of course their tools are awesome and work all the time. 

Yea, not so much.

And the issue is twofold. Two key things that are the foundation of complexity in online travel booking tools.

The first is the complexity of pricing compounded by the systems in which they reside. These issues result in constantly moving targets of price in systems that are hard to standardize for online booking tools. Now, to be fair, they have done an awesome job of creating these tools, but sometimes there are errors. Which leads me to number two.

Humans. This is the second cause of problems in the tools and how accurate they are. Human errors - forgetting something, or loading something wrong, or making a programming error that misses something.

And what can Topaz do about it? We check it - we lift under the hood and make sure all the moving parts are working - always peeling back the onion to ensure the systems are all working to your advantage. Because if you do not do this maintenance on an ongoing basis, the results will be found by your travelers.

Then you have an egg on your face.

So give us a call today and see if we can help tune up your online booking tools. Your program will thank you for sure!

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