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I was pondering recently about how a company like Topaz really adds value to a travel program. I realized there are newer products and services in our industry, but they fail to deliver on the basic premise of our service offering. The shiny new toys sure look good, but in the end, no one is doing what we do.

So what is it that Topaz does?

A) We put your travelers at ease. The unfortunate truth of the matter in the world of corporate travel is there is widespread distrust over the performance of travel agencies and booking tools. I constantly hear it from travelers in all walks of life and in all corners of the world. No one trusts anything. So, by using an independent third party to validate performance, and then to use those results to your advantage, you drive a peace of mind that no one else can really provide.

B) We ensure your contracts are being applied. The focus of procurement has historically been all about negotiating the best deals and the best contracts for their companies. But in the world of airlines, hotels and car rentals, are they being used and applied? Are they being maximized? No one else in this industry actually checks this on an ongoing basis to make sure everything is working as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Well, no one but Topaz.

C) We are a quality performance check for people and systems. To have a good program you have to have travel agents that perform when they are working on your behalf and you have to have systems that deliver behind the scenes with negotiated agreements as well as policy parameters to ensure accuracy and performance. If this process breaks down, you lose, your company loses and your travel program is lost. Topaz ensures your process is working for you.

And this is just three of the ways we can help. So I hope we can talk to you further about what we can do for you. Please give us a call so we can determine your pain points and how we might be able to assist.

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