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When Topaz began auditing in 1978, the world of corporate travel was a lot different. Whilst I cannot say I was in the industry, I can tell you then I had lots of hair, shoulder length to be exact, I was a lot lighter, and because I was a member of the Connecticut State Champion Hockey team, well, a lot more muscular.

The challenges that travel managers face today with their air contracts is that they are more complex than ever. As a result of that complexity, they must be managed continually to be sure they are being utilized to the fullest extent possible. Too often companies spend lots of resources and time to negotiate and create the airline contracts, then when it comes to implementation and monitoring, well, they are forgotten.

Today, those contracts must be actively managed to ensure they are being utilized to the maximum extent possible. Imagine these scenarios happening in your travel program:

• A self booking tool was once calculating an airline discount incorrectly based on a single misplaced character in the code - and for two years was not applying a discount that was available to this company.
• A travel agent who needed to rely on their system shortcuts and pricing formats to perform their job was in fact missing discounts available to them because the airline did not load the contract correctly.
• An unscrupulous agent who receives incentives that pertain to commissions and overrides, not on delivering the best price to the traveler including utilizing discounted airfares.

This is not fake news, but facts we have seen at Topaz. Today, your objective is to make sure your travel program is running smoothly and utilizing the discounts that are available to you. Like my days in high school 40 years ago, make your travel program a champion.

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