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Good Day Everyone! Here is the not so frequent look at travel today from the eyes of me.

• I visited Istanbul, Turkey last week and I enjoyed the one day tour I took to explore the city and learn about the history of Constantinople. It is a cool city and a lots of fun. Put it on your bucket list.

• What are the odds of being in business class and during meal service you are not served 

• I wonder if I should get some Lego characters and post pictures on social media.

• Does it upset travel buyers when a supplier says they are raising their cost to you to increase their profits? Public statements? I would think the better approach is to just shut up and do it. That was a PSA to airlines.

• On a recent flight I had the dreaded SSSS on my boarding pass. Stupendous Super Screening Supplement aka Strip Search.

• I was on a panel discussion about the total cost of travel. A big picture kind of look at things. It was fun, but more importantly it reminded me that many forget about all the costs of travel. A good refresher for buyers and suppliers.

• Oh, and if you have a few minutes, this may be one of the best safety videos:

• And if you would rather watch it in the local language:

Have a wonderful day!

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