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We are often asked "What is the return on investment if I were to

contract with you for your services?" We always passionately believed

in what we do, but how do you explain a ROI for a service like ours?

We are not like a piece of capital equipment or a machine that has an

output, and the expense of the machine can be offset by the product

it produces over time. How do you measure our value?

■ The easiest way we can show real value is by finding lower airfares.

And we often find lower airfares that far exceed the cost of the audit.

Therefore the return on investment in those cases is very clear.

But just like in life, these do not always happen. Sometimes we have

really good TMC's that are 100% accurate.

■ But is that really a bad thing? That peace of mind must have

some value to you and your company, and is really why you want

to work with us in the first place. If your TMC comes out of an audit

sparkling clean then "good for you!" You have independently

validated the performance of your TMC.

■ We know not everything in business services has a clear method of

determining ROI, but their value is clear. The value of having liability

insurance for a business? The value of a computer for employee's

usage and productivity?

We believe that using our services to constantly be vigilant on the

performance of your TMC will be money well spent by your company -

and it is a lot less than what you may be paying in higher airfares.

Since we opened our doors in 1978 we have estimated that the

companies in the Fortune 500 have overpaid over $2.5 billion dollars

by not using our services. Do not let that happen to you, contact us today!

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