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For many of you that know me, I sometimes refer to Topaz as the Darth Vader of Corporate Travel. It was many years ago when I first heard that comment from a friend that worked for a TMC. I even bought a thumb drive that looked like Mr. Vader. I have in fact embraced the moniker, but maybe to a fault. I fear TMC's think we are in fact out to get them. But what we really want to do is just make them better. For example, when I write emails like this, I ask people to read it, to make sure I have made as few mistakes as possible. It is my own little audit. A way to make me better and see where I can hopefully improve.

Internet comparisons are a lot like that.

TMC's embrace technologies to make sure they can capture as many internet alternatives as possible. These tools, sometimes referred to as screen scrapers, are a great way to maintain the productivity of travel counselors while delivering the service to your travelers that you need. All we do is go one step further to make sure they work.

In the end, this gives the TMC's the ability to go back to these providers and validate their service offerings - or even change service providers if they are not living up to their claims. We are not out to get anyone, just to make sure you are getting what you paid for. I mean we are even helping the TMC's.

In the near future, we are going to do more of this. We are going to work directly with our TMC friends to actually offer services that they can use to prove to corporations that they are in fact audited and checked by us, an independent third party. Like internet audits, all of our audits are designed to measure performance (not to catch anyone doing something wrong) so your claims of a great travel program are substantiated and proven, month after month.

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