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I bet you want to conduct an audit, but in the back of your mind you are worried your agency might step up their game only for the audit? We know all about agencies that throw resources and people at an audit, only to take them all away once the audit is done. Well this is your lucky day! We have a couple of options to help alleviate your concerns and deliver the assessment that you need and want.

The Topaz Blind Audit requires the agency to document when the lowest fare is not taken and simply send PNRs to us for an extended period. This should be no change in their current process - if the traveler did what they are supposed to do and take the lowest fare, all is good. But because we have your agency drop them in our Topaz queue on a regular basis, it will force your travel agency to let us see their normal work process, and deliver a fair assessment of their performance. The actual audit period and the findings are not shared with the agency. They never know when we are looking!

The Topaz Transparent audit removes any additional work by the agents and audits from the fare information captured automatically by the agency. The queuing process is setup by high level agency staff and should be unknown to your front line agents looking at their true performance. Like the blind audit, the actual audit period and findings are not shared with the agency. We assess their performance based on what you, the corporation, needs and wants.

No matter which option you chose, even if it's our traditional communicative audit, you can rest assured Topaz is here to help you make your travel program the best it can be.

If you would like to discuss these audit options or our other services, please drop me an email or give me a call.

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