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I just read an article from Bloomberg Businessweek, "Airlines are asking the Trump Administration to help hide fees from you", and it made me wonder what variables impact your travel policy and what may be offered and/or selected by your travelers. If fees are buried in some phantom fare pricing, how will you or your travelers effectively do comparisons? I have heard numerous stories and even watched travelers at airports open up their wallets for these extra fees, and they had no idea they were coming.

Do your travelers currently get to choose higher fares due to the following:

• The measured on time performance?
• Luggage Fees (checked or carry-on)?
• Seat Selection?
• Basic Economy offerings?
• Others?

With the airlines seeming to add fees every time we turn around, how would you address full a la carte pricing by the major carriers (fare, seat, boarding order, luggage of any kind, and beverages/food)? You must think about the implications of your travel policy against the productivity of your travelers, who are usually the highest paid employees in your firms. Effective travel management with this complexity will force you to evaluate what is offered to your travelers, and what they should and should not be doing. This is where Topaz may be able to help - by measuring the performance of your program in whatever manner YOU want.

This is not going to stop, so look hard now at your program and call us when you want to measure the real performance of your travel program. Because guess what? The next fee you may hear about are sections where only adult business flyers are allowed to sit, and all those vacationing families will be in the back. We just never know what might be next on the fee list.

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