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The word audit may sound scary, in fact it sounds intimidating. Most people associate auditing with someone doing something wrong and needing to catch them. If you are contacted by the IRS that they will be auditing your tax returns, and you have done nothing wrong, you take the audit in stride as you know the results will show you are honest and capable of determining your tax refunds/payments. This is how a Topaz audit should be looked at, nothing to hide. I realize not only is it not scary, it is something that should be budgeted for in every company.

So I pose a few questions:

• Would you ever hire someone without an extensive interview?
• Do you monitor your employee's performance?
• Do you measure your employee's contributions?
• Do you have meetings and quarterly reviews with employees?
• Do you search diligently for good suppliers to buy from?
• Do you spend ample amounts of time creating an appropriate cost structure?
• Do you monitor how your money is spent on your goods or service that you provide?

Most companies do all of the above. They do those things because they are directly related to how a majority of their money is being spent. Unfortunately while many companies understand travel is one of the biggest costs in their business they fail to monitor it the same way they would employees and their goods or services.

Auditing your travel produces the same results that an employee review and supplier research does: A peace of mind that you are getting the most for your money.

Let Topaz provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that your TMC is either providing you the service you expect at a great value OR that you don't have the partnership that you thought you did.

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