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No, Topaz is not about makeup or hair styles or fashion.....rather it's about looking at the travel program in a way that makes the owner of the program better. You don't need to have a makeup artist and hair stylist like Johnny Weir. What you do need is to simply think differently about your travel program and what you are doing. For years, we have validated successful programs or uncovered issues that are correctable, and in the process saved programs millions of dollars.

Conducting an audit with Topaz shows your superiors you are confident in your travel program. It supports what you already know about your program, that it is working efficiently and is better than anyone booking elsewhere. It independently shows success by validating performance. Today there is so much noise in our industry that you need Topaz to make sure those in the executive suite believe what you already know. This is also a reason why TMC's should offer to conduct audits for their clients. Show your corporate clients you are confident in your services as well.

Then sharing the positive results continuously proves over and over again that what you have worked so hard to create is in fact working, saving money, and should be driving your employees to use the program. The same goes for the TMC. Prove to the travelers that using you is their best option.

Finally, an audit will show your adaptability to correct the issues uncovered during the audit to make your travel program the best it can be. We have uncovered incorrect airline program loads, rogue travel agents that do not have the skills to drive the best results, and we have found incorrect interpretations of policies that are corrected because of our services. Topaz makes programs better!

And remember this, it is not about the lowest cost. It is about the correct cost. Too often people get caught up in thinking Topaz is only about the lowest fare - but we continue to be the ONLY independent company in the world that audits against mutually agreed upon parameters and your travel policy.

I hope you will call me today to see how we can make you look better!

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