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Whether you are buying furniture, clothing, electronics or groceries, you get what you pay for. Travel is no different.

We are all familiar with Basic Economy fares, Hand Bag only fares and the dreaded low cost carriers. Although Basic Economy and Hand Bag only fares are typically the lowest fares in the market, they do come with a cost if you haven't read all the rules. With Basic Economy and Hand bag only fares, you will likely end up in a middle seat and allowed to only bring a bag that fits under the seat. If you fly on low cost carriers, you may have a choice of seats and be allowed to check bags or use the overhead compartment, however there will be an additional cost.

Now does this mean you are not getting quality service? Not necessarily, but remember you are getting what you paid for, which is transportation between two points. You can always check your bags for an additional fee, however in most cases there is no option to pick or change your seats when booking Basic Economy. If seat selection is important then you may want to avoid these types of fares. Also if there is any chance you might need to change your flight Basic Economy fares are not for you. That is because you cannot change your flight, not even for more money.

On the other hand, if you select a full service fare/carrier, you will typically be charged for checked baggage but you will most likely have the ability to choose your seat and change your flights (with a fee of course) if needed. You may also choose to pay a fee and upgrade your seat.

Topaz will work with you for every engagement to understand your requirements and your corporate culture so that we can implement an audit that will best meet your needs. It is all part of our comprehensive audit process.

So in the end, when it comes to the elusive price, quality or both, it just depends on what you want or are willing to sacrifice.

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