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Do your travelers complain that they didn't get the lowest fare, but in fact it was the correct fare? How many times is the travelers "low fare" out of policy? I think it is time we get beyond "lowest fare" and rephrase it to be the "correct fare".

Traveler education is the first step in making this change. The traveler doesn't always fully understand the policy driving the "correct fare" being offered by the agency. They just want what they want.

The second step is that when corporations are setting their policies, care should be used to determine the "correct fare". Corporate managers should take into consideration if less flying time or a class of service other than economy will drive increased productivity and higher satisfaction. The cost of a direct flight or business class travel may be offset by increased performance - making it a small price to pay for business success.

There are other factors to take into consideration when determining "correct fare" over "low fare" as well. Airlines also have added fares that seem too good to be true. One of these is basic economy. These fares may be a value to leisure travelers but there a lot of negatives to consider for corporate travelers. No bags, no seat assignment, last to board. Do these fares make sense for your business?

We have too often focused on the little things at our companies - but if you put them all together you could have something a lot better working for you and your firm. In the next few weeks our Topaz team will be writing about airfares and what we can do at Topaz to help you find the correct fare - not always the lowest!

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