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I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a warm and happy new year! 2018 is a special year for Topaz as it is our 40th year in the corporate travel industry. We have grown up and changed over the years, always focused on delivering the highest level of service to clients and ensuring that corporate travel programs are effective and cost efficient. We look forward to continuing that focus for another 40 years.

This year there will be some changes in how we communicate with you. We have split our email distributions into two, so about 25 times this year, you will receive messages from Topaz. The other 25 times you will receive a message from Agilis. The Topaz emails will be focused on auditing and what we have done so well for so many years. We will give you insights into our processes and changes in the industry you may need to be aware of.

I will be personally writing the Agilis emails, focused on more edgy perspectives on our industry, and dedicated to the ideals that I believe in, and those ideals I do not believe in. 

We have copied the distribution lists we have used over the years, so that you should get both without doing anything. But if you do not, just let me know and we will get it fixed. Alternatively if you do not want to receive one or the other, just let us know that as well.

The world of corporate travel management is about to change - and it is not about bidding, games, hotel programs, or distribution - it is more. Stay tuned. This should be fun!

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