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The rise of gimmicks, claims and alternative facts has reached a new high in the world of business travel (or for that matter, in our new world). Claims of what is right, wrong and ways to make it better are flooding the airwaves and the pages of our press. In all honesty, it is kind of nauseating. Stupid ideas, like let's make a game of it. Let's waste employee's time. Let's fill out expense reports. Let's add busy work and reduce productivity.

But in the end, we have missed the boat, and now it is time to take back our industry. The business trip consists of only two factors:

a) First and foremost is the person who has been asked or has determined of their own free will that the company they work for would benefit from expending money to have them travel to a destination. They travel to this destination to work for the company whom has paid for this trip.

b) Second is, does the price paid for this trip, and the parameters of this trip, meet guidelines and expectations set out by the owners and leaders of the company. When there are variables in price for the same product, do they expect that the lowest price is secured or are they indifferent to such pricing variables.

Two factors - first whether to spend money to make the trip, then ensuring the best price within company parameters are met.

The future success of your company will now be focused on unleashing the productivity of your employees by creating a system that uses the power of information to create a program of travel that provides real service to your travelers. Take it back. Deploy a program that will make it easier, that will apply benefits to every traveler, and will make corporate travel a concept that employees love! Stop listening to the madness in our marketplace, and start to rebuild something that will make it better for everyone.

Next year I will be focused simply on working with suppliers and buyers that find this concept intriguing. I will work with these few companies to start travel programs that reduce the noise and create true value. I will speak to executives of companies all over the world about how they must change their thinking - and must now implement changes that streamline their business travel programs. If you want to be a part of this future, I encourage you to reach out to me. My personal friends are already meeting with me to better understand the concept and are starting to implement this. Are you ready for the future today?

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