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10. Because you really want those frequent complainers that always tell you they can find it cheaper to... Please... Just... Stop. We can help prove your program is in fact working well (and if not, we can help it improve by finding any issues that need fixing).

9. You are working with a team and company that understands the nuances of corporate travel, pricing, internet and alternatives that impact how your travel program is perceived. We have been doing this for a long time.

8. Just because you think your self booking tool is working, well, it may not be. You could be spending unnecessary money on airfares, hotels and car rentals. That does not seem very smart.

7. Have you heard of the proverb "To assume is to..."? Assume your airline contract is loaded correctly and guess what? Yep, we find errors all the time that consist of contract terms that are not loaded correctly, so you do not get your discounts. We can help.

6. Independence matters. We audit for the truth, not to find someone doing something wrong. We just seek the truth so that your program can be the best it can be. Pretty simple really.

5. Referrals help out your charity. Make a referral of a friend or colleague that ends up doing a project with us and we will donate to your charity of choice. The charity gets some cash, you feel pretty good about yourself. Seems like a win-win all the way around.

4. Free benchmarks when you audit with us. As part of your reporting package we include various benchmarking data that becomes invaluable to measure your program against others. And it is included free with every audit.

3. A healthy travel program is just like a healthy body and a healthy car - it remains healthy with proper exercise, oversight and review. A Topaz audit is like an ongoing validation and check up to make sure everything is working properly.

2. Two for one. Why just do business with Topaz when you get Agilis too? Have the opportunity to work with qualified professionals that will drive results through continuous improvement.

1. Finally, the best reason to work with us is so you can tell your travelers and your leadership that you had the worlds' best corporate travel company audit and validate your program and the results were awesome.

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