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Quite a bit, but then again not much.

It is hard to believe I have been here through so many changes. But then again I started when I was ten. Not really, but what has changed in those 25 years? When I started we audited US and Canada clients only. Now our audits are conducted all around the world.

Our auditing process hasn't changed much. We still look for fares the old school way. Not too old school; at least we don't use tariff books. However we don't solely rely on the GDS to give us the lowest fare with their pricing formats either. We use a combination of schedules and tariffs to provide the lowest fare.

We have gone from being in an office, to allowing a few teleworkers and are now a completely virtual company. We used to write everything down on paper and had a data entry person who entered everything. WOW was that time consuming! We had different GDS' located throughout the office, so depending on what systems you needed you would have to move from desk to desk. Thanks to the advances in technology we now have our own program that communicates with all the GDS' and inputs the data automatically.

Other technology has changed and we have changed with it. Communication with clients use to be all via the phone. Now it is more via email. It's hard to imagine how we did it without email, a website or even the internet. As my kids would say "How did you do it mom?" Although we have changed to keep up with technology our core product has stayed the same. We continue to be here to help corporations manage their travel programs.

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